cvmcosta Backend Dev / Open sourcerer

About me

Primarily an Open Source developer, focusing mainly on NodeJs and other Web technologies. Experienced with Backend development (NodeJs, GraphQl, MongoDb, PostgreSql etc.) and DevOps (CI, CD, Docker, Microservices) as well as some frontend development with ReactJS. Love for learning new technologies and contributing to the open software community ❤️.


Large experience building fast, reliable and scalable Web Apps, APIs and Systems, focusing on writing well structured and documented code.

Open Source

Love for the open source community, to which i contribute to by helping in open source projects whenever i can, and especially by developing my own.

Featured project

ltijs logo


An open source NodeJs library built to help developers create fully functional learning tools and learning tool providers based on the LTI protocol. With LTI.JS you can turn any web app into a LTI tool with less than 30 lines of code and use it with any LMS that supports the LTI protocol.

Currently powers the LTI provider used in the UNA-SUS/UFMA Moodle instance accessed by up to 14000 users.

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